enterprise ENablement

At I²oT Solutions, we collaborate with customers to build out a roadmap to strategically align their business goals with a technological design.  This is the basis for establishing an actionable and cost effective deployment that will ensure the short and long term objectives can be met in a secure and reliable manner while safeguarding performance and security measures of the existing and new network entities.

site evaluation and planning

Understanding the physical environment and evaluating the current and future business needs of the facility are key corner stones to establishing a cost effective and scalable wireless infrastructure.  I²oT Solutions offers the services to perform a wireless evaluation of your current environment. This includes the delivery of a comprehensive site profile of the existing wireless infrastructure (existing technologies, rogue devices, signal propagation and congestion,, and much more). In addition, I²oT Solutions will provide you with a roadmap of the most efficient and economical method for moving forward towards your wireless and Internet of Things objectives.


I²oT Solutions’ team of experienced wireless engineers are technology leaders in the manufacturing space and will provide you with expertise throughout the engineering process. This starts with building out a future proof network design that meets all your objectives (business, process and security, information technology) and we remain your partner throughout the build, testing and deployment phases, sharing with you with our best in class services methodologies; detailed project and construction planning / management; network integration and deployment; systems configuration, testing and activation.

monitoring services

For performance monitoring we offer two distinctive service levels. Our 24x7x365 Network Access Facility provides you around the clock support for your critical wireless network and the expertise and experience needed for your peace of mind. In addition, we offer basic performance monitoring services with a VIP package tailored to your specific onsite needs ensuring your infrastructure is optimized and working to meet your needs. Key services available to you include wireless application management, diagnostics and troubleshooting; performance monitoring and reporting; security management (identity, intrusion, spoofing & rogue device detection); as well as the ability to establish remote monitoring and support as per your plant access policies. 

our mission

Our mission is to design, deploy and provide ongoing support for the secure and reliable framework of the Industrial Intranet of Things (IIoT). I²oT Solutions will leverage the existing customer technology and provide new and existing customers robust solutions that help enable better, faster and more accurate decision making. 

The Industrial Intranet of Things (I²oT) is absolutely revolutionizing manufacturing. Connecting assets throughout the industrial value chain provides complete operational visibility allowing for real-time decision making and improved levels of efficiency, quality, and safety as well as new service opportunities.
— Larry Allhands, I²oT Solutions

What We've Achieved

I²oT team members have designed, deployed and maintained some of the most complex, secure wireless intranet projects on the planet.

  • Design and deploy secure wireless networks across MARSEC production facilities

  • Maintain and monitor complex networks remotely

  • Plan and manage large-scale projects involving emerging technology integration with legacy systems

  • Design and deploy safety mustering station and emergency notification systems

  • Conduct site technology assessments to help customers plan an informed path forward to new technology implementation cycles

  • Deploy intelligent and reliable solutions with predictive equipment failure notification capability