One Minute White Paper: Securing The Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT)

A Third Network Solution

The introduction of IIoT systems to the industrial arena requires building and managing networks and information systems that are quite different from anything our predecessors confronted. The infrastructure required to securely take advantage of IIoT systems to drive new opportunities, and unite traditionally disparate practices is the result of a new technology driven paradigm and fresh, forward-looking thinking. 

The answer is a third, disparate, network for IIoT systems that can fill the gap between the process control and business networks. This third network is not an Industrial Internet of Things, but rather  a highly secure Industrial Intranet of Things. While this can be accomplished logically via VLAN separation, the preferred and more secure option is a physical intranet separation with dedicated hardware (switches, access points, AAA, firewall, network monitoring, application servers, etc.). 

This separation allows granular control of access and security to the IIoT resources while ensuring maximum security of process control network. Non critical control systems can leverage the full power of IIoT systems, function as mobile operator platforms, facilitate work order control, and act as a centralized repository for logs being pushed from the process control systems for Big-Data Analysis including predictive failure and process work flow planning.

While similar to IT and Process Control systems, this is actually a new technology set, the skills and experience needed to properly deploy and take advantage of IIoT systems is not usually found in existing plant or corporate IT departments.  The I²oT Solutions team has been designing and deploying this "Third Network" Intranet infrastructure successfully in small, mid-sized, and large plant facilities for over a decade. With our solid track record, knowledge, experience and innovation, you can safely deploy and leverage IIoT systems in your plant. 

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