Norte Capital Management Funds I²oT Solutions


Houston, TX Aug 9, 2016 -- We are happy to announce today that Notre Capital Management, Inc., headquartered at 1224 North Post Oak Road, Houston, TX 77055 has funded I2oT Solutions, LLC.  The capital injection has allowed I²oT Solutions to realize its initial goals, meeting the immediate technology service and support needs of industrial plants, as well as developing and delivering long term comprehensive technology solutions to fit their individual needs. 

The mission of I²oT Solutions is to provide services for designing, deploying and providing ongoing support for the Industrial Intranet of Things (I²oT).  I²oT Solutions has leveraged an existing customer base and grow the business by providing new customers I²oT Solutions that help enable better, more accurate, and faster decision making.

I²oT Solutions has received a financial commitment from Notre Capital Management to establish and fund the company to ensure the continuity and the continued growth of its' solutions within the existing customer base.  This commitment and the execution of the mission is the cornerstone of the new entity. 

About I²oT Solutions, LLC

The team members of I²oT Solutions bring over 60 years of combined industrial networking and wireless project infrastructure design, deployment, and project management experience to the table.

I²oT Solutions is focused on working directly with our customer's strategic leadership teams to create system designs and architecture, and actionable deployment plans that encompass wired and wireless networks and an infrastructure to combines long-term vision, preserving the basic principles of security, performance, and reliability.

About Norte Capital Management, Inc.

Notre has created and launched eight companies that have resulted in IPO’s on the NYSE and have generated aggregate annual revenues in excess of $7 billion. Notre has also created and/or provided both seed and growth capital to a number of private companies with high growth business models.

Notre is keenly focused on investment opportunities in industries that have the potential, or are currently undergoing, major transformation due to advancements in technology, new operating models, and/or changes in the regulatory environment.

Notre’s Leadership Team brings a combination of investment capital and corporate development expertise to each opportunity. The Leadership Team, has a proven track record as innovators, business operators, and corporate financial strategists.