Sinclair Oil Corporation Announces Successful Completion of the I2oT Solutions Wireless Infrastructure Implementation at its Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company Facility

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Sinclair Oil Corporation Announces Successful Completion of the
 I2oT Solutions Wireless Infrastructure Implementation at its Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company Facility

Sinclair Partners with I2oT Solutions to continue their focus on improved process efficiency and leading industry practices in Digital Transformation by implementing
an Industrial Wireless Infrastructure  

Sinclair, WY –  January 9th, 2018 –  Sinclair Oil, a leading, privately held US integrated oil company headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, announced today that they have completed a new technology implementation that will automate their work processes and drastically improve facility efficiency.  Sinclair Oil worked with I2oT Solutions to design and implement a facility wide wireless infrastructure as a foundational element to its ‘Digital Transformation’ and ability to readily harvest the benefits being made available through the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

I2oT Solutions provided the full range of services from design and engineering through construction management and commissioning services for the wireless infrastructure. The scope of the wireless deployment created a sitewide umbrella of outdoor coverage as well as strategic coverage of manned indoor areas. The engineering phase for the wireless project was completed in November 2016. The physical infrastructure deployment phase began in April 2017 followed by a successful on time and under budget completion in October this year.  
“When I2oT Solutions presented their industrial wireless infrastructure solution we were impressed with the quick configuration and deployment process for such a valuable and important application”, said Bruce Taylor, Manager Business Process Integration, Sinclair Wyoming.  “We have had great success working with the team and we are already reaping the benefits of a wireless infrastructure for automation process applications.  We look forward to the next project phases for automation and mobility applications with Sinclair partnering I2oT Solutions and other vendor solutions.” 

Before Sinclair worked with I2oT Solutions to implement their industrial wireless infrastructure, Sinclair Oil Wyoming executed their work processes in the traditional manual method.  In an ongoing effort to improve operations and lead the industry in the ‘Digital Transformation’, Sinclair chose to work with I2oT Solutions, the industry leader in the Industrial Intranet of Things (IIoT) to provide services for designing, deploying and ongoing support for a secure and reliable wireless framework. 

“I²oT Solutions Engineers have helped many facilities implement and enhance their infrastructures allowing them to enable mobile applications.  Now that the infrastructure is successfully complete, Sinclair Oil will start new projects for wireless mobility solutions for permit to work, workflow, compliance, knowledge management and many other critical business process applications.”

About Sinclair Oil Corporation
Sinclair is a family-owned, vertically-integrated oil company, involved in all aspects of the industry, from oil and gas exploration to motor fuel distribution. Sinclair relentlessly pursues a safe, reliable, environmentally responsible and a profitable operation, ensuring a sustainable future for our owners and employees and the communities where we operate.  Sinclair has executive offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, two refineries in Wyoming, and branded Sinclair stations in 24 states.

About I²oT Solutions
Leverage decades of industrial communications experience with I²oT Solutions' team to ensure your projects are a success. We have the most experienced teams in the industry, having successfully designed and deployed wire and wireless solutions for many of the largest oil and gas companies on the planet.  Our mission is to provide services for designing, deploying and ongoing support for the secure and reliable framework of the Industrial Intranet of Things (IIoT). I²oT Solutions will leverage the existing customer technology and provide new customers robust solutions, such as mobility, security and safety solutions, that help enable better, faster and more accurate decision making. For more information, visit

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One Minute White Paper: Securing The Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT)

A Third Network Solution

The introduction of IIoT systems to the industrial arena requires building and managing networks and information systems that are quite different from anything our predecessors confronted. The infrastructure required to securely take advantage of IIoT systems to drive new opportunities, and unite traditionally disparate practices is the result of a new technology driven paradigm and fresh, forward-looking thinking. 

The answer is a third, disparate, network for IIoT systems that can fill the gap between the process control and business networks. This third network is not an Industrial Internet of Things, but rather  a highly secure Industrial Intranet of Things. While this can be accomplished logically via VLAN separation, the preferred and more secure option is a physical intranet separation with dedicated hardware (switches, access points, AAA, firewall, network monitoring, application servers, etc.). 

This separation allows granular control of access and security to the IIoT resources while ensuring maximum security of process control network. Non critical control systems can leverage the full power of IIoT systems, function as mobile operator platforms, facilitate work order control, and act as a centralized repository for logs being pushed from the process control systems for Big-Data Analysis including predictive failure and process work flow planning.

While similar to IT and Process Control systems, this is actually a new technology set, the skills and experience needed to properly deploy and take advantage of IIoT systems is not usually found in existing plant or corporate IT departments.  The I²oT Solutions team has been designing and deploying this "Third Network" Intranet infrastructure successfully in small, mid-sized, and large plant facilities for over a decade. With our solid track record, knowledge, experience and innovation, you can safely deploy and leverage IIoT systems in your plant. 

Read the White Paper Here

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I²oT Solutions Awarded Cisco Select Certified Partner Status

Effective January 17, 2017

I²oT Solutions, LLC has been certified as a Cisco Select Certified Partner in USA.

I²oT Solutions, LLC has achieved all requirements for achieving Cisco Select Certified Partner, including personnel, support and specialization. Your company has demonstrated that it is qualified to sell, install and support Cisco solutions in USA.

In recognition of this accomplishment, I²oT Solutions has been identified as a Select Certified Partner in the Cisco Partner Locator  and received an official Cisco recognition. 

Norte Capital Management Funds I²oT Solutions


Houston, TX Aug 9, 2016 -- We are happy to announce today that Notre Capital Management, Inc., headquartered at 1224 North Post Oak Road, Houston, TX 77055 has funded I2oT Solutions, LLC.  The capital injection has allowed I²oT Solutions to realize its initial goals, meeting the immediate technology service and support needs of industrial plants, as well as developing and delivering long term comprehensive technology solutions to fit their individual needs. 

The mission of I²oT Solutions is to provide services for designing, deploying and providing ongoing support for the Industrial Intranet of Things (I²oT).  I²oT Solutions has leveraged an existing customer base and grow the business by providing new customers I²oT Solutions that help enable better, more accurate, and faster decision making.

I²oT Solutions has received a financial commitment from Notre Capital Management to establish and fund the company to ensure the continuity and the continued growth of its' solutions within the existing customer base.  This commitment and the execution of the mission is the cornerstone of the new entity. 

About I²oT Solutions, LLC

The team members of I²oT Solutions bring over 60 years of combined industrial networking and wireless project infrastructure design, deployment, and project management experience to the table.

I²oT Solutions is focused on working directly with our customer's strategic leadership teams to create system designs and architecture, and actionable deployment plans that encompass wired and wireless networks and an infrastructure to combines long-term vision, preserving the basic principles of security, performance, and reliability.

About Norte Capital Management, Inc.

Notre has created and launched eight companies that have resulted in IPO’s on the NYSE and have generated aggregate annual revenues in excess of $7 billion. Notre has also created and/or provided both seed and growth capital to a number of private companies with high growth business models.

Notre is keenly focused on investment opportunities in industries that have the potential, or are currently undergoing, major transformation due to advancements in technology, new operating models, and/or changes in the regulatory environment.

Notre’s Leadership Team brings a combination of investment capital and corporate development expertise to each opportunity. The Leadership Team, has a proven track record as innovators, business operators, and corporate financial strategists.